Late night musings

Sitting here tonight as my desk so tired that i could just pass out. Waiting for my midnight snack of rice to get done boiling. Im not really hungry just kinda snackish and well eating rice is pretty harmless, even though Im going to be doctoring it up with garlic and onion powder. So this weekend I have done alot of work to the blog and the youtube channel and getting the text message syndication up and going better. So now you have the choice of following via text message if you send Follow @hellocupcake4u to 40404 you will be updated every time i update twitter, the blog, YouTube, instagram and keek.
I am trying to be more proactive with my blogging and youtube updating because I have found that it really does help me and it really does seem ot help others, and so that is why I keep going on with getting things done.