Caffeine Vape Stix by Energy Shisha

I have seen and tried a lot of wild things in my life but this one takes the cake. I was recently asked to try Caffeine Vape Stix by Energy Shisha.
It is an E-Cigarette of sorts that delivers caffeine via an odorless vaper cloud, which allows the body to get the full effect of the caffeine instantly, without having to circulate the body and be filtered out by the kidneys and liver, unlike traditional methods of caffeine consumption.

Vape Stix come in a fashionable and disposable stick that lights up when you draw on it. The flavor is amazing too. Energy Shisha is the worlds first caffeinated electronic shisha stick. Vape Stix use far less caffeine to give the same energy boost as a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Much like other caffeine products, you do not want to consume or use these too often in an hour time.

When I took my first puff, I was really shocked at how smooth the pull was, and how pronounced the flavor was. I took 5 pulls all together which caused me to become a little dizzy, but hyper. I am already in love with these, and cant wait to get more. I even let a few of my friends try and they loved it too. The only issue that I have with these is the fact that they use Propylene glycol, but other than that I am loving them.

On a scale of 1-10 I would score these a 9 it would be a full 10 if it didn’t have the PG in them. They say on the package that they can provide up to 30hrs of energy. Im not sure if that is the case or not but I do know that I couldn’t be happier.

Back to School with

Lets face it, going back to school hits everyone right in the wallet. Buying new shoes, and clothing, and school supplies can get rather expensive, especially if you have to get a new pair of glasses for you or the kiddos. Im here to help you save even more money in that department.

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How does it work you ask? Well you head over to the website with your prescription and pupil distance (you can obtain this information from your Optometrist free of charge) and begin browsing their massive selection of frames.
If you do not have an updated prescription, here is another little secret to save you even more money. From Aug-Sep Wal-Mart Vision Centers typically have a back to school deal where you can get your eyes examined between $40-$60. Where they get you is in their glasses. They offer you bundled packages were if you get your eye exam with them then you can get a pair of glasses for $99. This really isn’t a great deal seeing how you can get your glasses with for less than $20.

Shipping typically takes about 5 days, which is about the same as what you would wait for if you got your glasses at Wal-Mart or Pearl Vision. even has a way that you can virtually try on the glasses by uploading a picture to their site and seeing how the different styles of frames will look. They even tell you if the frames are small, medium, or large.

So if you have more than one person in your family that needs glasses then check this wonderful resource out. They even have prescription sunglasses too..