Je suis Charlie

hellocupcakeitsme stand against any who would try and silence free speech or artistic expression Je suis Charlie

hellocupcakeitsme position contre tous ceux qui voudraient essayer de silence liberté de parole ou d’expression artistique Je suis Charlie

hellocupcakeitsme destacan contra cualquiera que intente y la libertad de expresión el silencio o la expresión artística Je suis Charlie

hellocupcakeitsme الوقوف ضد أي الذين سيحاولون والصمت حرية التعبير أو التعبير الفني جي الخنزيرية تشارلي

hellocupcakeitsme לעמוד נגד כל מי שינסה ושתיקת חופש דיבור או ביטוי אמנותי Je suis צ’ארלי

hellocupcakeitsme кез келген көріңіз және аузын еді тегін сөйлеу немесе көркем өрнек қарсы Je Чарлиға Suis

hellocupcakeitsme در مقابل هر ایستاده که سعی و سکوت آزادی بیان یا بیان هنری JE suis چارلی

hellocupcakeitsme противостоять любому, кто хотел бы попробовать и тишина свобода слова или художественное выражение Je суис Чарли

hellocupcakeitsme протистояти будь-якому, хто хотів би спробувати і тиша свобода слова або художнє вираження Je суїс Чарлі

hellocupcakeitsme cəhd və sükut söz və ya bədii ifadə Je suis Charlie istəyən hər hansı bir qarşı durmaq

hellocupcakeitsme પ્રયાસ અને મૌન વાણી અથવા કલાત્મક અભિવ્યક્તિ Je ચાર્લી suis હતું, જેમણે કોઇ સામે ઊભા



Live Kidney Donation

I was recently contacted by a fantastic orginization called Live Kedney Donation. is part of The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation. A foundation that was created out of desperate measures for the Machado’s son who went into kidney failure at 24.
Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation has worked to become the voice for so many people who are suffering from End Stage Renal Disease. After their own son was diagnosed and soon after received a live kidney donation, they felt that they couldn’t leave the others we had met behind. So in forming the organization they have been able to help find living matches for those in need of kidney transplant services.

Their website now stands as a beacon of hope for those patients who would normally otherwise be placed on a list and wait an indefinate period of time before ever having hopes of getting a donor.

Head over now to have a look at their website, and please take time to spread the word about this organization, it may save a life.