Ciglites cool crisp innovative

Recently a company called Ciglites contacted me with a chance to try out their e-cigarettes, and me being a sucker for product reviews I hopped on the offer.
Having done other e-cig reviews in the past I wasn’t to sure as to what to expect from this company as it seems that everyone has their own formulation.

I was happy to see the sleek sexy design of their packaging. To me I like having sharp looking items, it doesn’t matter what you are selling or marketing. So seeing how amazing these looked I was visually appeased by them.


Being like many other E products it was really simple and straight forward. Attach cartridge to battery, and draw. What I wasn’t ready for was the cool smooth tastes that came out, as well as the very impressive vape cloud. The intensity of the cloud made me feel like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. I am not sure how they formulated their brand, but it wasn’t a throat hit like some of other products out there (or that I’ve tired.)

I have been using my electronic cigarette from Ciglites for over a week without having to recharge the battery or change the cartridge. I am really super happy about them and love the fact that I have several other cartridges that I can enjoy. E Cigarettes are really an amazing invention that do help to cut down and even quit smoking all together. Unlike traditional cigarettes, were you can not control the amount of nicotine that you get per cigarette, you can with the amount of nicotine that you order. So if you are a long term smoker who likes bold flavor then you can order 24mg of nicotine. If you are trying to cut back you have the option of 0mg – 18mg.

Because traditional cigarettes are carcinogenic and addictive, many times smokers are neverElectronic Cigarette Model able to fully quit. With these you can wean yourself off of it, and then get amazing flavors such as Cherry, Vanilla, Cappuccino, and so many other flavors that you begin using your e-cigarette as a luxury item verses an addictive cancer causing killer.

And because E-cigs contain no tar, or odor you are pretty much able to enjoy them where conventional cigarettes and smoking are prohibited. Which is another reason that I love them. And you don’t have that ‘smokers’ smell, or yellowing teeth to deal with. It is over all a more healthy alternative to traditional tobacco consumption.

All and all I must say that I am really happy and pleased to have reviewed Ciglites E-Cigarettes. I have already began recommending them to my smoker friends. So if you are a smoker or even a Vaper, check them out and I’m sure you too will make the switch.

All over the place

The last month or so I have really just been all over the place with my thoughts and emotions and creativity. I recently started a new side business called Olympic Vape, which is a home based business that specializes in making E-Juice for E-Cigarettes.

It all came to me a few months ago when I was asked to do a product review for Vapourlites which is a UK based company who sells liquids for electronic cigarettes. Well I had began seeing this new form of smoking popping up everywhere and decided that I wanted to take a shot at it, and thus Olympic Vape was born. Since then I have been working hard at developing a product that is high quality and cheap to manufacture.

I also have been working on my health and trying to get things back on track with that. As some of you may or may not know I have Low T (low testosterone) as well is Hypogonadism, Diabetes, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar, and a few other wonderful fancy words. So because of my Low T I have had to go in bi-weekly and get an injection in my butt which has been less than thrilling. The first week I had it done it hurt like hell. Not the initial shot itself but my pants touching the injection site and then rolling over and hitting it just right at night, NO FUN. So with having taking these shots, my T level is back where it needs to be and I really havent noticed much except for changes in my restroom activities (and i will leave it at that…)
The other thing I’ve been battling with is my damn blood sugar. There were about 3 days that my glucose levels were just at extremes, I was either to high or to low, no happy medium. Well with my sugars taking me on a rollercoaster ride, I did nothing but sleep and eat ibuprofen to try and control the migraines that came along with it. Im trying to monitor what I eat, not really dieting, but just trying to keep from constantly eating like I normally would. I don’t produce the hormone that tells you that your full, so I am constantly hungry. Because of this it contributes to my obesity.

So this is what has been happening behind the scenes. I haven’t made any new videos in a while for the YouTube channel and I know I need to do that more often. But yes this is what’s going on in my life as of late. I will try and keep every one updated as I go. I have about 8 weeks more with the T shots, at which point we are going to look at my over all health again and see where to focus on next.