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The battle of the bulge is one of the greatest challenges that your patients have to face on a daily basis. It’s a major challenge to learn better eating habits and find a way to lose weight in a way that does not put your patients at risk. With a combination of medicine, portion control, exercise, and a healthy diet, you can pave the way to weight management for your patients. With a virtual office, you will see more patients and be able to provide them with greater accessibility. Read more at http://www.moremedicalpracticecash.com/

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Review

20150212-pictures-madonna-rebel-heart-covers-hq-standardMadonna’s Rebel Heart is the mature yet fun loving material girl that we have come to know and love. Her latest album Rebel Heart, pairs classic Madonna songwriting with new contemporary Madonna. Playing on her 80’s pop that made her a house hold name mixed with electronic fusion that sounds wonky and fun like a video game and dubstep, she knocks these tracks out of the ball park.
Some of Madonna’s albums seemed forced, but when you look at who she is and where she is in life they make sense. RH is her sassy funky style mixed with tons of emotion and fun. Its a statement that in Madonna’s language says “listen bitches, Im Madonna, and I am still around, and I can sing and preform loops around you.” Its her middle finger to the song ‘writers’ of the 2000’s.

You have these ‘young pups’ who think that they are the rage but forget that Madonna blazed a trail in the 80’s that everyone else tries to follow. Though she has had her pitfalls in the recent past, but that doesn’t stop her from pioneering forward kicking asses and not bothering to take names. For the purist and retro loving, Madonna continues to develop and redefine her title of “Material Girl” and “Pop Diva”

Pick up Rebel Heart on iTunes : http://bit.ly/REBELHEART

Official Madonna website: Madonna.com