Starting up an old hobby

I have started my comic card collection once again. It is kinda
hard to do and very heavy hearted endeavor. I had so much money, time, and memories invested in my last collection. I started my
first collection back in 1992 and kept it going until 1997 when I
moved in with my dad. These cards were my anti-drug. It spawned a love and desire. Though I may not know all about the different characters on the cards, the excitement for me was getting the money (a feat not easily done because my family was poor, so any money i was able to get from my mom was amazing) and walking the almost mile to the baseball card shop and with wide eye wonder looking at all the different cards that they had and seeing my comic cards sitting on the shelf.

I would pay out the little money i had and would get as many packs as i could and then I would open them quickly hoping to find cards i didnt already have. The store keep, kept a binder of ‘spare’ cards that he would allow me to trade from if i had doubles. It was an amazing and magical time for me. I never really understood how much it had meant to me until I had lost all of them and started this new collection just days ago. Now that im 33 and an adult Im still in that same ‘poor’ situation that i was when i was a kid but now i have a few extra dollars here and there that i can maybe put toward this, if I decide to keep up with it.

I lost my entire collection due to a house fire in the California Wild-Fires of 2003. So im happy with the small start that I have but like I said Im not sure if im going to keep up with it.

Below are just a few of the pages that I have in my new collection.

Needing Results

Needing Results

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