Back to School with

Lets face it, going back to school hits everyone right in the wallet. Buying new shoes, and clothing, and school supplies can get rather expensive, especially if you have to get a new pair of glasses for you or the kiddos. Im here to help you save even more money in that department.

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Shipping typically takes about 5 days, which is about the same as what you would wait for if you got your glasses at Wal-Mart or Pearl Vision. even has a way that you can virtually try on the glasses by uploading a picture to their site and seeing how the different styles of frames will look. They even tell you if the frames are small, medium, or large.

So if you have more than one person in your family that needs glasses then check this wonderful resource out. They even have prescription sunglasses too..

Vacation and Family Time

10410779_10201880415486647_4242955519657310358_nSo recently my mom came to stay with me and it was the very first time that she has since I have moved out of the house. A few years ago before my dad got really sick and passed on I had asked that they come and see me, but they were not able to at the time. So getting to see my mom in my new stomping grounds was kinda cool. First it was my brother who only stayed with me for a day and then was off exploring the Olympic National Forest with his girlfriend. But my mom came and stayed with me for a full week.

At first I was really nervous because I had never been to Seattle on my 20140806_091748own, let alone to SeaTac Airport. So that was a learning experience. Having to navigate the busy streets of Seattle and Pikes Place Market just to get to the Light Rail was an adventure all of its own. I have never taken the train to the airport so I didn’t know the first thing about finding it let alone how to ride it. But after I asked a few questions, I was able to find it and get to the airport a few hours before she arrived.

It was kind weird and normal all at the same time having her here. It was like she just fit right in20140809_162106 and everything was cool. With my brother it was a bit surreal, but not with her. I really enjoyed playing tour guide and showing her around Northern Washington. For one of our trips we went to Forks, WA. and La Push, WA. and did the unofficial “Twilight” trip. Actually there was a tour guide in Forks that would have taken us around but it was a 3hr tour, and well having been a fan of Gilligan’s Island, didn’t sound like we should chance it lol. But Forks was very disappointing to say the very least. You blinked and you were through the town.

20140809_155237As we were driving along going to La Push, we saw a lot of the influences of the Twilight movies as there were signs saying “No Vampires beyond this point” and “Wolf Den’s” on a motel, and “Jacob Blacks Grandpa lives here” sign on a house by the beach.

It was just really amazing to me how breath taking that whole area is. I am not really amazed by Washington’s beauty anymore as I have come to expect it every time I walk out the door. Not to say that I don’t find it beautiful anymore. 20140809_155412

Where the vacation part plays in for me is that I took some time off from my ‘job’ to just spend time with her and enjoy the fact that I had someone to do something with. I was really beginning to feel worn out just because I was working so much, and just trying to make as much money as I could so that I had some cash on hand when she came up. Well moms being mom’s I wasn’t allowed to open my wallet LOL. So I must say it was really nice having her here and getting to show her the beautiful sights of Washington. Now its going to be 20140809_155421a matter of getting back into my daily habits and reluctantly going back to work :(