Doing things that make me happy

So I have always loved cooking and at one time I wanted to go to school to learn how to do it professionally, but well money being what it was and the fact that i wanted to do it right out of high school my parents wouldn’t pay for it, so Ive always done it as a hobby.
Well its just been as of recently that I have really gotten back into cooking and have taken the steps to build up my kitchen and finding the Joy of Cooking again.

Now I have always cooked well, but when it comes to baking it is typically a different story. And most people don’t understand that there is a drastic difference between cooking and baking. With baking there is a whole new set of rules, as you are more of an alchemical mad scientist mixing raw ingredients and making sure that everything is in balance where with cooking it’s all about proper seasoning and cooking temperatures. With cooking a piece of meat you have a more hands on approach, baking you mix things together and stick it in the oven and hope for the best.

I have never been a baker. Im a “boxed baker” (store bought cake/cookie mixes) all day long, but when it comes to making something from scratch, NOPE! But I have been playing with a recipe that I found online by Ina Garten and have pretty much perfected a Short Bread cookie recipe.

20150525_200945 These are Jam Thumbprint cookies. Its a basic short bread recipe with real good vanilla extract and strawberry jelly. You could use any jelly but I like strawberry jelly and really like how it tastes when it is baked. The jelly I used was Smuckers Strawberry Jam. I love this jam because it has pieces of strawberry in it and is really sweet but when it bakes it takes on a strong strawberry flavor and the sweetness mutes.

Also if you follow me on Instagram or by clicking on Gallery you will see the meals that I make nightly (as well as other pictures). Here is some of my dinner pictures:20150524_174729

<–The picture to the left is a Nacho Casserole with homemade refried beans.






This picture –>
is Chicken Alfredo and Brussel Sprouts with homemade garlic bread


And this picture —>
is oven roasted Brussel Sprouts with blue cheese dressing and chicken breast with CousCous with shallots.

So yeah that is what I have been up to lately. Just working on getting my cooking game on point again :)

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Midnight Three & Six a moving short about Type 1 Diabetes

Its not always that I am moved by a Diabetic PSA or other related media. But this short film really hit kinda close to home. Im a type 1.5 so I have all the symptoms of both a Type 1 and Type 2 along with the added benefits of being Insulin Resistant and having Diabetic Ketoacidosis (aka DKA). Please watch and share.